Good Mooring offers a variety of services to cater to the needs of the community. We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers, as they are the key to our success, so we work directly with you to determine the best course of action for each project. From inspections and simple replacements to design and construction, our turnaround times are short and our affordable pricing reflects our commitment to the community.



Nature eventually takes it toll on all moorings, causing chains to erode and ropes to fray. Rather than paying for expensive diving services, we are able to lift your mooring out of the water and replace it on the spot. Our boat is stocked with high quality equipment to service and replace any mooring. Instead of paying hundreds or even thousands for a new mooring, let us repair it for a fraction of the cost.

In the event that a new mooring is necessary, we custom design moorings to suit the needs of our customers. No two moorings are the same, which is why we work directly with our customers to tailor each one to the location, environment, and situation.



We design and build stationary and floating docks to ensure your waterfront property is safe and accessible. Built to withstand the test of time, we use premium materials and construction from start to finish. We offer full sheathing on decks in high traffic areas to protect from harsh currents and fully treated wood to combat erosion and decay.

Reliable wharfs are essential to any residential or commercial waterfront property. From planning to construction, we specialize in the development of concrete and wooden wharfs. We were the first to implement the innovative concrete beam wharf system developed by Rick Porter of Chester, NS, and this technology is still in use today. Depending on the location, we use pressure treated lumber cribs infilled with stone, or fully concrete cribs finished with wooden decking and railings. The result is a durable wharf that will last for decades with the help of our routine maintenance.

Need a new wharf or dock? Need repairs to your existing structure?  Give Good Mooring a call, we’ll treat you right and always provide you with the best options to let you make the most informed decision.


Over time, the harsh marine environment can take its toll on your marine equipment. Ropes begin to fray, wood decays, and before you know it, your dock and moorings become unsafe and barely functional. We perform routine inspections to ensure your equipment is up to standards. We are available for emergency repairs and other projects at extremely short notice, just give us a call if you need a hand.



As the temperature drops and ice begins to form, floating docks and other marine equipment are at risk of potential damage. Using our fully equipped boat, we are able to lift, service, and store your docks and moorings for the winter.

Waterfront Development

While we specialize in the construction and maintenance of moorings, docks, and wharfs, our expertise puts us in a position to excel at all forms of waterfront development. Whether you are looking for a retaining wall, float and ramp systems, or anything else involving your waterfront property, we’ve got you covered.


Repair or Rebuild?

Need some advice on what to do with your existing wharf or dock?  Let us discuss with you what is the best course of action, whether you want a solution that will last many years, or an option that will safely and soundly get you through the next 5-7 years until you’re in a better position to afford a more permanent structure.

Good Mooring will give you the straight goods and will never advise on anything but a cost-effective approach.


Snow removal

Have a snow clearing need this winter?  You can count on Good Mooring to provide a reliable and reasonably-priced alternative to your snow ploughing needs.  We do driveways, wharves and small lots.  Give us a call and ask us about our contract work for the snowy season.  You can be assured you’ll get the same great service Good Mooring has been renowned for in everything we have done over its many years in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Boom Truck Services

Our boom truck handles the big jobs quickly and easily. We can get oversized materials to job sites and move heavy structures into place. Got a job for our boom truck? Good Mooring is your one-stop shop for wharf & dock construction, repair and more. Give us a call and ask about our full array of services.

24 Hour Emergency Services

At Good Mooring, we are firmly entrenched in the community we serve.  We live and work here, and are available whenever our residents need emergency service with their moorings, wharves or docks.

Have an emergency, day or night?  Call us and we’ll be right there to help.


Experts in waterfront development

From design to maintenance and everything in between, we do it all.