As we move into fall after a record summer season, it can be a great time to have your mooring and wharf looked at by specialists to assess their condition and to prepare for the harsh winter season.

Fall Mooring Service: It is important to understand what forces can affect your mooring over the winter. Storms and ice can damage the mooring ball, and the growth can accumulate on the chain if it is left connected to the surface ball, which causes additional corrosion and reduces the life of the mooring. By dropping the chain to the bottom and securing it with a small marker buoy, the growth is eliminated, chain corrosion is reduced. The surface hardware is will also be removed, bridles cleaned and inspected for wear and everything will be secured and ready for spring installation and another season of use.

Float/Ramp Service: All floats and ramps should be removed to prepare for the winter conditions. After removal, the ramp and float connections need to be inspected for any damage incurred over the summer period. Walkway handrails may have come loose, float bumpers may have loosened or gotten damaged and cleats need to be inspected to ensure they are still secure.

Wharf Repair: Fall is also a good time to have the cribs inspected, to identify any issues with the structural beams, and to eliminate any areas where ice could potentially damage the cribs. Sheathing is a successful method of creating a barrier around the cribs to encase them and prevent ice intrusion, which protects the structure from ice as well as excessive wave action that erodes away at the base. This can extend the life of your wharf by many years, delaying what could be an expensive replacement project, and it gives the wharf a new refreshed look.

Shorefront Erosion: With rising sea levels and increasingly powerful storm surges, it has never been more important to create or reinforce barriers from the ocean forces to secure your waterfront shoreline. Existing sea walls can be inspected, possibly raised to account for increased sea levels, or where no barrier exists, installing a sea wall built with marine treated timbers or using rock to create a beautiful extension to your waterfront while protecting it from further erosion. With current regulations from DNR restricting the recovery of erosion that has occurred, it is important to protect the waterfront boundary before it is lost forever.

At Good Mooring, we look out for our customers in the St. Margaret’s Bay area and beyond. Please contact at (902) 412-7307 or visit us at our website to ask for a free quote for fall work or just advice on any questions you may have. We can show you before and after photos of many of our projects that have had incredible outcomes.

Good Mooring also offers snow removal within the St Margaret’s Bay area, which includes snow plowing, sanding/salting of individual driveways and private roads.

We also provide tree removal during the fall and winter from storms that have caused downed trees. We even will help prevent damage to homes and power lines by doing some tree clearing in potential problem areas.