The harsh cold snap we recently went through and the rest of the winter ahead of us will bring some waterfront conditions that bear monitoring.  Here are some helpful suggestions that may save money in future repairs and even more savings that can be gained by taking action now.


Keeping a constant eye on the condition of wharf cribbing to make sure there are no broken beams can save significant amounts on repairs and replacement.  If there is beam damage, bracing can often be installed or temporary repairs made during the winter to prevent serious damage from occurring until a permanent fix can be undertaken in the spring.

Wharf sheathing is often in place to keep ice from getting in between the crib structure and causing damage.  If there are broken boards, these should be replaced as soon as ice has cleared.

With the exceptional high tides and storm surges, the wharf deck should be examined to see if it has been lifted off the main structure of the cribs. This has been a common issue during past storms and is something that should be checked and if necessary, reinforcements made to the deck connections that secure it to the wharf cribs.  If this has occurred, it is important to have a professional examine the damage and make repairs as soon as possible. Remember, you shouldn’t wait until winter is over.


If you have floating docks and ramps, make sure they are secured on wharf decks so they don’t come loose with high winds and surf. If they have, they will need to be secured as soon as possible.


As for moorings, you’ll want to assess shifting from ice and storm surge.  If the mooring has been lifted and moved by heavy ice, you’ll want to make sure you get a thorough inspection done on the bottom connection to the mooring block.  If you observe no irregular movement, a regular spring surface check-up is usually fine.

At Good Mooring, we want your wharfs, docks, and moorings to work as they were intended, and to give you plenty of seasonal enjoyment.  We are here to serve you 12 months of the year, even providing winter repairs and emergency services.  Please feel free to visit us at or give us a call at (902) 412-7307.  And remember, we also take care of fallen trees and provide snow plowing services.